Building Wealth in Oklahoma

As Seen in Forbes, Fortune, Money

Cofounders and managing directors of Bridgecreek Investment Management, Chuck Fuller and Brian Carney recognized the need for a no-nonsense, research-based, highly personalized investment management firm rooted soundly in Oklahoma, where a handshake is still respected.

For a select group of savvy, high-net-worth investors, Fuller’s and Carney’s decision to launch their own local firm—one with direct access to two award-winning portfolio managers—established the convenient, trustworthy investment home these investors had sought. Today, Bridgecreek is celebrating ten years of discretionary relationships with clients who have witnessed outstanding results.

Boutique Ambiance, World-Class Expertise

“Our clients tend to be heavily entrepreneurial in mindset,” says Fuller. “Building lasting partnerships with them to attain the greatest returns is something that drives us to be the best we can be.”

“We love what we do,” agrees Carney, “and that’s a huge motivator when it comes to spending the enormous amount of time it takes to fully perform due diligence on every investment option we recommend, including those less correlated to traditional stocks and bonds.”

As experienced equity and fixed income analysts, Fuller and Carney note that these options include master limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, and precious metals, among others.

Fuller and Carney spend 80 percent of their time in research because they employ other professionals to handle administrative matters. Most of their clients come through word of mouth, meaning that the nonstop marketing and socializing that some firms find necessary are not on their calendars.

With $565 million in assets under management, Bridgecreek is now one of the largest independent money managers in the Midwest region.

“We are currently open to discussing our services with a limited number of investors who have a minimum of $1.5 million in assets that could benefit from our management,” Fuller says. “We like the closeness we have with our clients, so growth for us will be unhurried and organic.”