We expertly frame investment plans and personally monitor portfolios to provide enlightened advice and outstanding client service.

Rather than simply suggest the percentage of stocks, bonds, and cash holdings for all clients through a “cookie cutter” approach, Bridgecreek looks at asset allocation in an innovative way. Unlike most financial providers, who categorize clients into broad investment profiles (Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive), we instead create a customized “lifestyle” portfolio based on extensive conversations with a client—to reveal the type of securities that will best fit that client’s unique goals.

client-approach-compasDuring an initial no-charge consultation, Bridgecreek will evaluate your current portfolio, identify the nature of the growth desired, the amount of annual income needed, and the preferred degree of risk. We also will project your assets for the next 25 years to ensure your “lifestyle” portfolio will meet all of your short- and long-term goals.