We believe being different is good.

Unlike most investment management companies, Bridgecreek realizes that our clients determine the measure against which success is judged. For that reason, Bridgecreek has developed a highly analytical business model that is focused specifically on the needs of affluent individuals and organizations. The foundation of our success is divided into:


Client Focus

Unlike all other firms of our size, the principals of Bridgecreek are directly involved with clients, portfolio management, and asset analysis. We focus on goal-based management, not benchmarking. We know clients care more about meeting family and financial goals than surpassing a benchmark. { Return to Top }

Portfolio Construction

We set ourselves apart through creative and highly effective portfolio construction. These strategies give overall portfolios a balance in investment style and diversification across asset classes. The result is that assets grow with less overall risk. { Return to Top }

Team Experience

Nothing beats experience in investment management. It’s that experience that helps the team at Bridgecreek recognize trends, set expectations, and address client concerns. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Bridgecreek brings together the strengths of all its team members to deliver the best possible service to their clients. { Return to Top }

Downside Protection

During periods of extreme market volatility, Bridgecreek may use derivatives, options, or trading vehicles to protect clients’ downside. Examples include equity collars, prepaid variable forwards, puts, covered calls, and stop loss orders. { Return to Top }

Better Tools / Research

Rather than relying on quantitative analysis, Bridgecreek takes a fundamental approach to equity selection. Using their own proprietary analysis and outside research from Goldman Sachs, First Call, Standard & Poor’s, Argus, and others, Bridgecreek prides itself on having the most updated information to make client decisions. We also create more than 75 custom reports every month that can be sent in PDF format to our clients showing them portfolio composition, realized and unrealized gains and losses, transaction history, and relative performance. { Return to Top }

Asset-Based Fees

Our commitment to service and individualized attention extends to our fee structure. Our fees are charged as a percentage of the market value of your portfolio. If your portfolio increases in value, Bridgecreek gets paid more; if your portfolio decreases in value, Bridgecreek gets paid less. Strictly a fee-based manager, Bridgecreek does not accept outside commissions or compensation. { Return to Top }

Lower Account Loads

The Bridgecreek business model has been designed to have fewer clients per asset manager. This allows us to spend more time researching stocks, managing our portfolios, and talking to clients. Combined, this approach makes it possible for us to know our clients better. { Return to Top }

Tax Efficiency

Investment management solutions seldom consider how taxes will impact return on investment; not at Bridgecreek. We know that returns must be qualified against their impact on your tax situation. We attempt to offset gains and losses, as well as limit turnover, to better manage the tax situation of each client. { Return to Top }